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ROADBLOCK: Hard-boil eggs using a hot springs
Not only did the Roadblock finally make its debut first, the egg cooking concluded itself as a really great task. To pass, you need to have an immense amount of patience. (That is key.) You must wait a proper amount of time to boil eggs since the temperature is unknown, and if your eggs are still raw or still containing runny yolks, you must go back down to the rocky springs and wait longer to hit the right consistency. I was surprised how the guys who did the Roadblock first didn't utilize the "spin method" of trying to cook raw eggs. To see spin method, click on the "Show content" bar : Show contentSPIN METHOD: To determine if eggs are thoroughly hard-boiled or not, spin an egg on a flat surface. If the egg wobbles, the yolk is not fully cooked. If the egg comes to a stop like a ceiling fan, they are boiled properly.)
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The problem with your test is that they didn't have a suitable flat surface to do it on. It was all rocks and dirt around the hot spring.

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If they did the egg test on the path Roadblock performers had to run on to get to the motorbikes, it could work. :tup:

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OK, I hadn't thought of that. It's still probably easier to just give them an extra 3-5 minutes and be absolutely sure they are done rather than run back up the steps and risk having to run back down again. Also, it became apparent when the guy cut them open that some eggs had cooked more than others, so you might have to spin most or all to be sure. Not that the teams would have expected that at the time. I'm guessing the eggs on top may have only been partially submerged and cooked a little less than the others.


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