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TAR 23 East Coast EP 10 SHOW updates ** Delay** Need an Updater!!

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Previously on TAR...

Ally/Ashley caught an early train
Nicole struggled at Roadblock - asks for help from unlikely source (Leo)
Leo refused - helping him and Jamal get first place
Their friends (Ice Queens) eliminated

4 teams left, who will be eliminated next?

Indonesia - stretches more than 3000 miles across 2 oceans

Bosscha Observatory - home of 7 telescopes

What has Leo got on his head?!

Route Info - Make your way to King Cobra House; once they have devoured the delicacy, teams will receive next clue

$27 for this Leg of the Race

Marie is not looking forward to the eating challenge at all - says she is the pickiest eater ever

She says she hates meat LOL!

Jay and Amy leave - they say they;re the best losers!

Amy says she loves eating challenges

They used a lot of shots from TAR19 and 21 in their intro of Indonesia during this leg.

Nicole and Travis depart - they seem to regret the last leg, especially the Anklung Roadblock

Travis, "She's not a salad-eating woman! :lol:"

Leo/Jamal arrive at King Cobra House - said they don't think they eat snake, next minute, BAM! King cobras everywhere!

They start gagging - wondering whether they should eat the skin

Tim and Marie make it to the CIC - but the South entrance! They have to try and find their way to the King Cobra House

Meanwhile, Jamy arrive at the Cobra House - asking whether Timarie have left already, but Assghanimals lie to them saying they have (when they've not even made it there yet!)

Nicole and Travis find the King Cobra House - say they're not afraid of body parts

Tim and Marie still lost... And they start to argue

This is... Bandung, Indonesia! A country stretching over 3,000 miles!

Leo & Jamal depart 1st at 7:25 AM. Travel to King Cobra House and ey a cobra known for healing people. $70ish dollars for this Leg of tha race.

Tim & Marie depart 2nd. Marie complains and whines about eating cobra.

Jason & Amy 3rd to depart. Jason claims they are losers for not winning any legs. Amy loves eating tasks.

Travis & Nicole depart 4th and still reminiscing the Leg 9 disasters.

Leo & Jamal arrive at KCH, they are shocked. They keep attacking the screen. :funny:

Tim & Marie are... Lost. Jason & Amy arrive at KCH and Leo & Jamal LIE to them.

Doctors arrive and Travis wrote about eating, but found out it was only eating a part.

Tim & Marie arguing again

Leo & Jamal finish and travel to Kawah Domas Crater. Jasamy finish 2nd, doctors finish 3rd saying it tastes like chicken.

Switches to Tim & Marie arguing if they are lost.

And for the first time, the Roadblock is actually first!


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