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Which team do you/ did you want to win TAR 23?

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I voted for the  :bunny :bunny :bunny :bunny :bunny :bunny :bunny

But I feel like Tim and Marie deserve the win. This shows, for the audience, is also about entertaining. We need that, and they do so. I do not want the arrogance of the ER Doctors (specially him, and I was rooting for them before, but he just messed up this last leg), and Jamy are way too perfect, so they may not finally win it because of some mistake, IDK. I do not dislike them. The Afgans, I like them, but may not probably win.


--- Quote from: theamazingracer21 on November 30, 2013, 01:47:22 AM ---Side note: They weirdly remind me of Cam and Mitchell from Modern Family.

--- End quote ---

Hahaha me too :P

JAMY from first leg til currently going leg. :hearts:

Mister RC:
With the exception of Leo & Jamal, any win is a great story. Tim & Marie's antics are tough to get by, but to survive a race around the world for the win would be brilliant. Jason & Amy are so nice, and nice people winning is good for everyone.  Travis & Nicole have done well overall, and I'm a fan for winners would treat the entire race as if it's as important as the final race, and not suck at it, but not enough thanks to someone else performing worse.

Don't hate Leo & Jamal, but I don't see anything from them that would make a win that much special.

None of the final 3 actually win and Hoskote & Naina declared the winners by default! :yess: :funny:

But seriously, I want Jason & Amy to win. They genuinely are really nice, not what we expected from them in the start of the race.


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