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How about a Fast Forward task in the First Leg of the Race.  Teams will have to complete an extra task, if they choose, and they can use that FF any time before Leg 9.  But, if they don't use it on that first Leg, they would need to still complete the Leg.  G


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--- Quote from: Dånooky on May 04, 2014, 11:04:28 PM ---Replace the task design team. Tasks seem a bit too generic at times and sometimes there's no point at all of being at a certain city.

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Aha after seeing the last episode.
Going to Liverpool just for penalty kick?
Going to Wales just to recite poem?

Although the episode was great but it still kinda annoyed me.  :res:

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I have to agree to those somehow. ???
IMO, the last episode didn't excite me, which is why I was extremely lazy to post a review/commentary for the last episode. :(

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I disagree very much.

Football (soccer) started in England, IIRC, and it was a sort of a task in there. Pretty OK to say it was a lame task, but a soccer task in Brazil or England makes rather much more sense than in any other place on Earth. About the Welsh porm, I disagree much strongly. The thing in there is to make a difficult task so that teams realize how hard Welsh is. I find it as a really mystic and different language, and I feel the task challenged it well.

I just think that tasks are not extremely related to being in the city/country where they are made, but this leg in Particular, featured related tasks in a really good way, tbh.


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