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Changes Viewers Would Like To See *Are you reading, CBS?*

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-i think the music ( soundtrack )  of season before and season 18 are much more dramatic than season 19 until present. well some rare legs had it. however, i found it a somewhat significant problem. i didn't get the feeling of "these teams are so frustrated in a place they didn't know, and they have to finish this crazily difficult task", instead i only feel "you know, this teams are doing a not very difficult task, and they're having fun with it. " i lost the intense feeling that i used to have when watching the previous seasons.
-i love how phil narrates every single task and destinations. he hasn't really done since season 19. we only see some teams reading the clues while the cameras directly showing the destinations without phil telling them
-i really miss a pole next to the pitstop showing the location of the city and the country. i don't know, it looks really cool and gives you the sense that this is a serious race which features countries around the world.

these are the little changes that i wish could happen again in season 24, it probably would increase viewers. is it possible that we could express our opinion and give it directly to the amazing race production crews? i really wish there was 

Great Idea!! I think we all have some constructive ideas....

Pick a good cast for AS. It isn't that hard.

Here's my list:
- Bring back the yield while keeping the u-turn. :hearts:
- Speedbump / Hazard now becomes something similar to yields and u-turns. (though I doubt this very much)
- Try placing more NELs in the first few legs if possible. (I know, budget :res: )
- The pole mentioned on the 1st post. ;)
- More different types of music. :hrt: Also, bring back some old ones. :)
- Let fans around the world vote for the returning teams for the next returnee season. :wohoo: (my favorite)
- Add new twists every season. :hoot:
- Bring back teams from older seasons or bring back teams that were eliminated on or before the 4th leg.
- Cast 12 teams once in a while. ;)
- New NEL penalty.
- Bring back starting line task. (with or without penalties; better if no one gets eliminated on the starting line)
- More Fast Forwards? :hug?: About 3 to 6, no FFs on the 1st leg and the last 3 legs.
- 2-hour premiere. :hoot: Either it is 1 long leg or it is 2 legs with a NEL/TBC on the 1st leg.
- Keep 2-hour finale every season. :cheer:
- Put 3 yields and 3 u-turns each race. (I wanna see one on the 1st/2nd leg.) :colors
- Visit more exotic locations. (I loved the Bora Bora visit from last season.) :hoot:
- More flight drama!!! :meow:
- Good edits for all teams.
- Casting teams with unique professions. :conf:
And more! That's all I remember for now, but I might be forgetting something.

As I went on, I realized that this is similar to a wishlist thread.

I agree, a 2-hour finale shows that it is a big deal to people that might not normally watch. Also,
- I wish we had a live finale show like Survivor does.

- I loved watching the elimination station, bring it back

- I always watched the eliminated team the next day on The Bonnie Hunt Show, then the final 3 on the Early Show. I think doing something like this on the view would help boost ratings.


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