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S27 Ep 12 "Rustle Feathers"

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--- Quote from: racer on November 29, 2013, 08:39:07 AM ---I can't see the necklace on Monica (must be blind) but I'm 100% positive nobody else has it on in that video, which only leaves her... :lol:

--- End quote ---

There's a headshow of her and you can see something gold around her neck :p

Mister RC:
Reminding me of the Sopranos Season Four epic spoilers!

Anyway, it's amazing how well Monica is doing. Not to diminish her skills; some of the competition is really legit competition (well, was). Woman on a mission.

Glamazon Racer:
I expected her to do well with challenges and win a couple (she was truly magnificent at challenges on her short stint at One World), but I certainly wasn't expecting this much domination! Surprised that people like Tyson, Hayden and Gervase haven't pulled off some wins...

So individual immunity has been Monica 3, Katie 1, Vytas 1. Kind of shocking Tyson or Hayden hasn't got near one.

Mister RC:
I guess Tyson is staying under the radar in terms of a IC monster.  He was pretty much unstoppable in Tocantins.  It took a BS IC followed by a necessary blindside to get rid of him.  Man what could've been had he and Rob made the merge a year later (a great head to head run, IMO). But that's for another time, and elsewhere.

But IMO, it's a combination of keeping a low profile and Monica being real good.  I guess only time will tell whether he'll compete or not.


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