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Who will win The Amazing Race 23 ?

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I want Jason & Amy to win because it would be a crime to come in 2nd that many times. :funny:

It would obviously be Jason & Amy, probably! :lol:

I think Jamy will win. actually i want Leo & Jamal win, but they are racing on S24 now so...  :(
Amy is always super excited talking about TAR on her FB & twitter. So yeah... Jamy will win


--- Quote from: Jobby on November 25, 2013, 04:21:33 AM ---Brain: Nicole and Travis Jason and Amy
Heart: Jason and Amy
Gut: Jason and Amy or Nicole and Travis


--- End quote ---

Editing my B/H/G because, no way Nicole and Travis will win after such a deliberate "put them in a bad light" edit this episode. Just watched it and am still pissed by Travis. Nicole needs to stand up and fight for herself like Marie. :funny:

This is actually a really close final 4. All four teams are strong, while having their flaws and moments of weakness. I predict Tim and Marie will win, but it could be any one of them theoretically. This will be a hard-fought last 3 legs  :conf:


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