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The Amazing Race Philippines 2 - Auditions FINALLY Closed!

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dryedmangoez: is LIVE and now accepting applications!

So many questions in the online application!  :lol:

A great new promo video hying up season 2!


--- Quote from: dryedmangoez on November 22, 2013, 09:42:36 PM ---friend

It looks like TV5 is gearing up for a 2nd season with these two teasers posted on their Facebook in the last two days:

--- Quote ---Kapatid, kung sasali kayo sa The Amazing Race Philippines sino ang sasama ninyo? Best Friend? Asawa? Girlfriend/Boyfriend?Ilagay na sa comments!
--- End quote ---

--- Quote ---Kapatid, if you joined The Amazing Race Philippines, who would you bring along? Best Friend? Spouse? Girlfriend/Boyfriend?
Answer in the comments!
--- End quote ---

And today:

Think you can balance a clay pot like them?


Definitely very exciting! Hope they officially confirm it soon!

--- End quote ---

Online application deadline is THIS SUNDAY! Don't miss out!

Also, here's a pretty brand new official title card:


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