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It looks like TV5 is gearing up for a 2nd season with these two teasers posted on their Facebook in the last two days:

--- Quote ---Kapatid, kung sasali kayo sa The Amazing Race Philippines sino ang sasama ninyo? Best Friend? Asawa? Girlfriend/Boyfriend?Ilagay na sa comments!
--- End quote ---

--- Quote ---Kapatid, if you joined The Amazing Race Philippines, who would you bring along? Best Friend? Spouse? Girlfriend/Boyfriend?
Answer in the comments!
--- End quote ---

And today:

Think you can balance a clay pot like them?


Definitely very exciting! Hope they officially confirm it soon!

Oops, I forgot these awesome TARPh cakes they posted a few weeks ago too:

Why not <3

THIS IS IT!  :wohoo: :cheer: :cheer: :conf: :conf:

According to an info from Wikipedia, the new season of TARP by 2014 will be racing within Asian region, and that'll be better than the 1st season! :xmas146

But surely the producers of TARP will gonna get more contestants from the Visayas region when the audition gonna start it by either on Jan or Feb 2014 because of what happened on that area that hit by a strong earthquake and typhoon late of this year.


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