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Updated through to Cheshire.

Can anyone figure out where was the digging-in-the-desert task? I know they went north on I-15, but not too sure after that.

Is the big white thing behind the Speedway? That would put them on N Las Vegas Boulevard.

Can anyone also figure out where the Pit Start was for the final leg? It's some sort of hotel in the countryside!

BLM is given "special thanks" in the credit roll, but I can't find any 2013 use-permits for southern Nevada (odd  ???).
If we can find this fountain, we can find the hotel.

I'm pretty sure the pit start was at Carden Park hotel (

Teams start by the pool. The urn shown in the video are the same model as the ones which are in the photo of the entrance, so it makes sense they would have similar ones by the pool (and you can just see them in the aerial photo). You can just see the start of the pool behind Dave & Connor, and the boxlike structure by the pool can be seen in the aerial photo and other online photos.

Teams run up to the cars by the statue. Dave & Connor run up to the road while Caroline & Jennifer run through the garden.


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