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Will be updated as we go along.

Updated with Leg 2 in blue. Much thanks and mad props to Chateau, Slowhatch, Weihen, Madjoe, Bobo, Jiangjiang and gang, as well as JasonTennisFan and his team on Sucks, for spoiling this two legs in Los Angeles and Guangzhou!

Leg Four and the start of Leg Five.

Leg 3

* Kionsum waterfall
* Kampung Tompinahaton
* This community fish pond seems to match the grocery drop-offPeach already found Tanjung Aru; the confessionals seem to be on the beach (Shangri-La resort, perhaps? Photo source)
I can't find the hunting task; the nearest "Linsuk" I can find is 20 km away. The business with the O'Learys is strange. They carried something heavy all the way back to the fish pond, then hiked again to the (unknown) finish point. All they had to do was present a "piece of wood" to the river guide. ???


--- Quote from: Slowhatch on March 10, 2014, 04:24:54 PM ---Leg 3

* This community fish pond seems to match the grocery drop-off
--- End quote ---

You're right, that's the place in Kampung Tombung. It's a perfect match:

Check at 0:20.


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