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Some Simple Rules.



RFF's Golden Rule:
Have RESPECT for each other, regardless of opinion. This of course includes no flaming/insulting other users and/or their posts.
No fighting! If you have a complaint or a concern about a post, use the report to moderator button, that is why it is there. Please do not continue an argument on the boards. Do not try to "moderate" each other.
Discussion is great, but you MUST be polite to each other in doing so.
From TexasLady:

We ask that PG 13 standards are met. PG13 is the standard. If you do not know what this means, ask a mod!
To make it clear, NO F bombs in images or in posts. No middle finger gestures in images either. No vulgarity, period! If you are in doubt, ask a mod. Keep it clean.

And if you quote a post with a vulgarity, you are equally at fault. So don't do it.
And finally, no fonts >12 . Period.
Thank you all! We want this to be a lively and fun place for everyone. Help make it that way??

Hi guys!

Could I ask everyone to please look at what you are quoting? If you are replying to someone just above you, no need to requote a long passage or especially a lot of pics. This will help a bunch at keeping the pages loading quickly for everyone!

If was several posts back and you think a quote will help, by all means use it. Just think do I really need this first please...



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