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--- Quote from: nmccarroll91 on May 20, 2014, 07:54:01 AM ---They said that when they got to the Helicopter / Skydive Task, Caroline got ready faster than David, and actually saw the Clue before him, but she wasn't allowed to jump first because David & Connor got to the Clue Box first??

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I assumed the 'clue' mentioned here was the Roadblock clue, not the billboard clue. So which one was it?

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From what I understood it was the Billboard Clue that she seen first, but apparently she wasn't allowed to jump until Dave had spotted the clue and jumped because of him and Conner reaching the cluebox outside the Maverick Helicopters building before Country did.  :groan:

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Even if I don't want country to win, if Caroline found the finish line location 1st, but wasn't allowed to jump 1st, it is really unfair. :( This season has too many flaws. If this were a non-all-star season, but the route for the first 8 legs is the same, the unbalanced roadblock count exists, and the unfair finish line bungee jump happening, this season still wouldn't be good.
In other words: newbie season = bad; all-star season = the worst season. :(

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I really hate to say it because I love seeing teams return, but Oh GOD, How I NEVER want to see another All Stars again! I just want Mark & Bopper and Gary & Mallory one last time though?  ???  :lol:


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