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I really wish that they wouldn't do 3 continent races for an All Stars race or any race full stop. I'd expect at least 5 continents for a race like this.


--- Quote from: couchracer on February 09, 2014, 05:59:43 PM ---I understand, and this is the place to say stuff. May you and the race live a long time.

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Thank you :)

Mark & Bopper are in the Starting Line. I wonder what twist it is so Bopper dropped out.

Just watched the new "Dramatic Twist" promo, and I think I have a fair idea how CBS will play this out -

From the promo, along with the new photo's on the CBS website of the teams, it's clear Boppers at the Starting Line. 
What probably happened was Phil and Bopper (and most likely Mark) were at the hospital (which is seen in the promo) probably a few days or even the day before the scheduled start of the race, and was told the bad news. Bopper went to the start line, knowing he wouldn't be racing and that's where Phil reveals it to everyone else that Bopper is unable to compete?
This would make sense, as it helps explain how they were able to get Mallory as a replacement - She will probably show up at the Start Line and surprise the others. (I'd assume Mark already know's he's racing with Mallory)

I'm just VERY surprised that Mark wanted to go ahead and race without Bopper?  ???

My only other concern is this medical condition? I hope it's only temporary, and won't hinder him from being able to compete in the race if asked to return in the future? Coz if any team deserve a third run, it's Bopper & Mark, and I don't even consider this a second time for them, so technically they've still only raced once!  :(

Oh well, that's my analysis anyway. :lol:

We should have just had Mallory & Brooke tbh :/

Mallory auditioned with Brooke and was seen at casting apparently.


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