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TAR 24 Locations/Destinations **spoilers**

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All of the racing reports are in this thread, you can check them out or visit the TAR wiki.

I visted the Yuantai Gardens while in China adopting my daughter.  I have been saying for years the Race should go there. Huge grounds. Very pretty.  Would look great in HD. The Chen Academy is a large complex that be a great place to visit as well.

 :bigwelcome to FF, sqpcsqpc!

I actually made a Guangzhou leg in one of my fantasy races
maybe there will be similar tasks, as I suspect that there will be an eating task this leg..... :oh

LEG 11 (Indonesia → China)
- Praya (Lombok Intíl) to Guangzhou, China (Baiyun Intíl)
- Guangzhou (Canton Tower)
- Guangzhou (Chen Clan Academy- Back Hall) (Roadblock)
- Guangzhou (Ersha Island- Guangdong Museum of Art) (Detour)
- Guangzhou (Temple of the Six Banyan Trees) (Pit Stop) (Elimination)

ē   At the Canton Tower, each team member had to climb up part of the Tower to retrieve a Race Flag. They could then exchange two Flags for their next clue.
ē   Roadblock- One team member had to enter the Back Hall and memorize 5 Chinese characters. Then, they had to write the 5 characters in succession on a dry erase board. Once they repeated the sequence 100 times and all the characters were written properly, they would receive their next clue.
ē   Detour- (Red Envelopes or Red Meat) Red Envelopes- teams had to ride bikes to ten different addresses using a map written in Chinese. At each address, teams had to deliver 300 lucky red envelopes. Red Meat- teams had to share a meal consisting of Cow Intestines with a side of Orange Cuttlefish, a local delicacy. Once teamís plates were empty, they would receive their next clue

Yeah..... it's an ok leg I guess.....


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"wow amazing race cast in guangzhou with two teams at yuexiu park near where i live"

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A possible clue box or a task :

Map of the park :


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