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I visted the Yuantai Gardens while in China adopting my daughter.  I have been saying for years the Race should go there. Huge grounds. Very pretty.  Would look great in HD. The Chen Academy is a large complex that be a great place to visit as well.

 :bigwelcome to FF, sqpcsqpc!

I actually made a Guangzhou leg in one of my fantasy races
maybe there will be similar tasks, as I suspect that there will be an eating task this leg..... :oh

LEG 11 (Indonesia → China)
- Praya (Lombok Int’l) to Guangzhou, China (Baiyun Int’l)
- Guangzhou (Canton Tower)
- Guangzhou (Chen Clan Academy- Back Hall) (Roadblock)
- Guangzhou (Ersha Island- Guangdong Museum of Art) (Detour)
- Guangzhou (Temple of the Six Banyan Trees) (Pit Stop) (Elimination)

•   At the Canton Tower, each team member had to climb up part of the Tower to retrieve a Race Flag. They could then exchange two Flags for their next clue.
•   Roadblock- One team member had to enter the Back Hall and memorize 5 Chinese characters. Then, they had to write the 5 characters in succession on a dry erase board. Once they repeated the sequence 100 times and all the characters were written properly, they would receive their next clue.
•   Detour- (Red Envelopes or Red Meat) Red Envelopes- teams had to ride bikes to ten different addresses using a map written in Chinese. At each address, teams had to deliver 300 lucky red envelopes. Red Meat- teams had to share a meal consisting of Cow Intestines with a side of Orange Cuttlefish, a local delicacy. Once team’s plates were empty, they would receive their next clue

Yeah..... it's an ok leg I guess.....


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"wow amazing race cast in guangzhou with two teams at yuexiu park near where i live"

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A possible clue box or a task :

Map of the park :

Chateau d If:
And They’re Off !

Season 24 of The Amazing Race kicked off (literally) Saturday afternoon at 3:51 pm at Cougar Stadium in Valencia, CA. This shot, taken from a distance of 840 feet, shows the Teams beginning their journey with a new kind of “GO !!!”. These 11 Teams were all fired up with the ‘Go Fight Win’ spirit of the full ensemble of the UCLA Marching Band blasting out the TAR them song. Hearing it gave me goose bumps. Can’t wait for the broadcast in February!


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