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The timeline has been updated for leg 1! Special thanks to our LA and Guangzhou crew for making the spoilers come alive and bring us the info.  :hrt:

If any of you spot an error I've made please let me know!

You posted a NaNa pic instead of an Assghanimals pic ;)

Jamal is off to the right, I believe it's the only pic we have of them so far...

According to fans from Baidu Forum who went to the pitstop locale today, this leg is an elimination leg and the twins have been eliminated.

Phil said to the camera that the last team to check in will be eliminated.

Thanks Supertux! I just think there's a misunderstanding about the categories, so let me clarify for you:

SAFE = Team/s is safe from elimination at the end of the leg
AT RISK = Team/s could be last in THIS leg
ELIMINATED = Team/s has already been eliminated in a previous leg


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