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TAR 23 Juneau Finale Leg **Spoilers**

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Belle Book:
Just one question:  Could you definitively tell us who the Final 3 were?  I think Jason & Amy and Tim & Marie definitely made the Final 3 but I'm not sure who joined them between Leo & Jamal and Travis & Nicole.

Sorry - Don't know the final 3.  The only picture of the racers was from the airport window.  No pictures were taken of racers at the harbor - only the jet boat.  and of course - they were never seen again. 

I glance through it but I'll read what looks like a huge amount of information of the final Leg... I want to keep a bit of mistery till the end :)

Thank you for the info on the final leg, IinAlaska! :tu

Candi Lee:
WoW , you rock!  :conf:


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