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TAR 24: Bitch, Moan, and Squeal Thread **Spoilers Inside!**

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I think it's just me, but I feel that a Welcome to the Jungle is a very appropriate quote for that episode lol. I would think that "Accidental Alliance" is a more cringe worthy one. But that quote best represents that episode too.. Lol

A great potential title quote for me would be Jessica/John in Leg 6.

"You're Only As Fast As Your Big Fat Elephant" :lol:

This is from the CBS website:
"Dave and Connor raced twice (Seasons 20 and 24)...."

How could they mess that up?

"Host Phil Keoghan (left) informs teammates BJ (center) and Tyler that they are the third team to arrive at the finish line in Denver, CO, during the season finale of THE AMAZING RACE 9."

THIRD? They won!

CBS has made many blunders recently....

^ That just makes me go  :ascared


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