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I want to sadly announce the retirement of DOM as TAR's TimeLiner. Due to real life responsibilities, he will be stepping down as our official TimeLiner but hopefully will continue to join us when he can! He has set an enormously high standard to follow, and his many contributions are greatly appreciated.
:tu so much for everything Dom!!
Thankfully, we have Ovalorange stepping into his shoes!! Oval has been the official TimeLiner for TARaus, TARcanada, and has taken over the TAR 23 Timeline for DOM this season. He is equally as skilled, and does a superb job following and keeping up with the fast breaking spoiler world. We are incredibly lucky to have another talented member to take over this challenging position! Thank you so much Oval!!
I know you all join me in thanking Dom and supporting Oval in TAR 24 spoilerland!! As always, contributions to the Timeline are always welcomed by everyone! :hearts:

Congrats Oval :)

Thanks Dom, and congratulations to Oval!  :conf:

Thanks Dom! Congratulations Oval!

Thank you so much Dom, you set a high bar to meet and I really appreciate all your hard work. I also understand that real life comes first!  :<3

Thanks Oval for stepping up and taking over the responsibilities of doing the time line! I know you will do a superb job! :hrt:


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