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Flights for Leg 3 (Note: it is all production-provided):

First flight - The first six teams boarded the non-stop flight to Kota Kinabalu as we posted in spoilers thread:
AK 1531 CAN-BKI, 0255 (11/21) - 0602 (11/21)

Second flight - Brendon & Rachel, Jessica & John and Joey & Meghan
AK 1017 CAN-KUL, 2108 (11/20) - 0118 (11/21) -> AK 5100 KUL-BKI, 0645 (11/21) - 0935 (11/21)

Leg 4 Flights (All Flights were on November 22, 2013)

First Flight: Dave & Connor, Jet & Cord, and Leo & Jamal
AK 5117 BKI-KUL 1835-2105 (Actually 1913-2150)

Second Flight: Margie & Luke and Flight Time & Big East
AK 5119 BKI-KUL 1935-2205 (Actually 2023-2307)

Third Flight: Caroline & Jennifer, Jessica & John, and Brendon & Rachel
AK 5121 BKI-KUL 2015-2245 (Actually 2026-2309)

Burns me they had PROVIDED flights again.

Peach, it's possible that the provided flights were a result of the last minute leg(s) substitution and to get the filming back on track for leg 5.

The leg 5 preview sure implies that the flights next week are not provided.

You can still say you are limited to flights on (list airlines) and make them work to find their own flights. Our GAMES flight challenges are more difficult.  :gaah:

And I do not complain much, but last week's flight separation was ridiculous. If you MUST put teams on flights 3 hours apart for whatever reason, then at least make the largest # of teams on the last one. And then give them an hours of opp followed by a complex route info task that GIVES TEAMS A CHANCE. I have to agree completely with Meghan's comments in her exit interview here:

So far, substitutions or not, not impressed. Taxis and flights on a silver platter, great fun. The only real transport challenge we have had so far was navigating the metro in Guangzhou.


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