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China So #328 dep 1030PM 11/16 is one flight per Chateau.

Racers were lined up at EVa air...can we see the connections via Taipei??

Timeframe? It is currently 640PM in LA.

^ Read the thread :funny:
Know you're busy today love!

Agree with Schnauzers; Production probably on the 10.30pm direct flight (arriving 5.40am), and I'm thinking the teams go via Taipei (arriving 10.15am) and Seoul (arriving 11.30am).

Assuming the first sightings were of the teams at Eva, that'd make it the earlier flight available to the teams. That makes Hong Kong less likely. Going through Beijing means customs has to be cleared in two separate cities for the two itineraries, so I'm less inclined to bank on it too.


Two direct flights from LAX Same flight, most likely production~

As Airlinesguy pointed out on the Speculation thread, they're the same flight on code-share.
(Double the price for the same flight! Delta must be making a killing!)

Sorry Neobie. I couldn't understand your itinerary... and yes, up to my eyeballs!! :lol:

The flight I posted via Chateau is apparently confirmed. Could you just do ONE flight on EVA that gets in close to that one please? Thanks!!


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