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In honor of the late Apskip, and here's the post before he died:

--- Quote ---Please enter your comments and information on AR24 flights, trains, ferries, boats, driving routes and whatever else pertains to transportation here.
--- End quote ---

In memory:

I see one direct flight:
CZ 328 from Los Angeles to Guangzhou, 16/2230-18/0540

Racers were at EVA Air, perhaps they transit in Taipei?

Can I get a timeframe? I haven't seen any spoilers other than Chateau's yet. Here're the Eva Air options:

BR 11 from Los Angeles to Taipei, 16/1550-17/2235
BR 15 from Los Angeles to Taipei, 16/2245-18/0530
BR 1 from Los Angeles to Taipei, 16/2325-18/0610
BR 707 from Taipei to Guangzhou, 18/0810-1015

Here are some alternative options with connections, with both legs on the same airline:

CX 883 from Los Angeles to Hong Kong, 16/2220-18/0600
CX 6782/KA 782 from Hong Kong to Guangzhou, 18/0800-0855

CA 984 from Los Angeles to Beijing, 17/0040-18/0530
CA 1351 from Beijing to Guangzhou, 18/0805-1055

OZ 203 from Los Angeles to Seoul, 17/0030-18/0650
OZ 369 from Seoul to Guangzhou, 18/0840-1130

If the teams are being sent on flights into Taipei, and there aren't direct flights from there into Guangzhou, then that is how production is managing the Racers to get Phil, Bert, and Elise in ahead of the teams. (Especially if there is a direct flight out of LAX that the trinity can use that the Racers weren't allowed to use.)


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