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X Factor UK Series 10

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Anybody else watching from around the world?  :)

Hannah joins Miss Dynamix in the bottom 2.

And it's Miss Dynamix who head home.

Still puzzled as to how Abi and Sam C are still there  :res:

If anyone is interested, Kingsland Road went home this week. Lost 3-1 in bottom two vs. Tamera  :ascared

Again if anyone is interested,
We've gotten rid of the flash vote by the looks of it and back to the normal bottom 2.

Abi was in the bottom 2 (finally) against Hannah (second time).

Abi was send home by 3-0 as Nicole refused to vote between her two girls.

And Louis still hasn't had a boy in the bottom 2!  :ascared

Next week is the Big British Songbook!


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