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pre TARaus 3 Speculation--new twist???

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TV Tonight quoted Mediaweek for that...can any of you find the original statement please?

Perhaps it's 1/2 Kiwi teams and not a 50/50 split per se. Also wasn't there a casting call for The Big Adventure earlier this month but there weren't any reports of that in the media upfront. Is that where people are thinking this casting call was to put together a team of strangers? Perhaps they still are and it is just going to be one big melting pot of different types of teams! Regardless I am over the moon that the race is back!

Well since there will be New Zealand teams I am pretty sure we can assume that NZ will be on this season (most likely for the finish line or the stop before the finish line )

The fact that TAR Aus is back is just amazing in itself <3 That twist is also kind to their neighbours  :cheer:


Can't wait what "Disney" in-cooperation with Seven Network host this show...

It could be an amazing surprise of product to consume if they did all well  ;)


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