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S27 Ep 6 "One-Man Wrecking Ball"

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Now that I know that the red table is done, I'm not going to google for any Survivor related press photo stuff over the next few days. :lol:

Reilly Queens:
Tribe Swap:

New Galang: Vytas, Kat, Monica, Tina, Katie, Laura B

that means New Tadhana: Caleb, Hayden, Ciera, Aras, Tyson, Gervase

Reilly Queens:
At your own risk (Duel stuff)
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Show contentNuTadhana seems a lot stronger than NuGalang :lol:

Also Tina/Katie are the only pair that are together :ascared

Also does this mean Brad is going? :yess:

Show contentThe New Galang is destined to fail. T_T 5 GIRLS AND 1 GUY?

The other side has 5 GUYS AND 1 GIRL?

No wonder Kat and Laura B are spec to go home next.

And look at Monica's doom/gloom face... :funny:



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