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Previously on The Amazing Race...

10 teams continued racing through Chile. On the bus, Tim & Marie formed a bond with the baseball wives. At the shoe shine roadblock, some teams shined while Nicky couldn't get the EP from Marie. The Afghanimals lost 1st place due to cab money issue, and NFL got 1st place. Rowan & Shane were eliminated.

9 teams remain. Who will be eliminated next. Marie: "The answer's always in the clue!!!"

Chester & Ephraim depart 1st at 6:27 PM. Fly to Lisbon, Portugal. When they land, proceed to Martim Moniz Square and ride a tram to the top of the hill. NFL

Leo & Jamal depart 2nd at 6:39 PM. They're happy to be going to Portugal.
Brandon & Adam depart at 6:58 PM.

NFL goes to a flight agency, and they get a flight.

Nicole & Travis depart at 7:11 PM.

Leo & Jamal decided to go straight to the airport for a flight. They arrive at 11:00 AM in Lisbon via London.

NFL, Brandon & Adam and Nicole & Travis are all at the flight agency. They have a flight arriving at 7:00 AM via San Paolo. NFL isn't able to get on that flight, but ER doctors get on... NFL's flight agency person got a flight 1 day later than they were supposed to get into...

Jason & Amy depart at 7:25 PM. Omg Jason & Amy's cab driver crashes into a car... LOL. They were talking about their luck with cabs in their confessional.

NFL isn't happy. ER doctors are happy. NFL now arrives at 12:00 PM. Brandon & Adam get in at 12:00 PM as well.

Tim & Danny depart at 12:25 AM. Ally & Ashley depart at 12:27 AM. Tim & Marie depart at 12:33 AM.

Oh gosh. Chester & Ephraim. I hope that doesn't cost them.

Tim & Marie are using the EP as bait for information... Yuck. But clever.

NFL's travel agency person finds a better flight that gets them into 7:00 AM but there are 2 connections... It's super risky, but they decide to take the risk.

Nicky & Kim depart at 1:00 AM.

Afghanimals meet up with Ally & Ashley. Ally & Ashley want to be on the same flight as them... Afghanimals decide to get Tim & Danny on the same flight just in case it gets in later so they won't have to compete with Ally & Ashley. Tim & Danny decide to get on that same flight...

Marie approaches Tim & Danny and she's pretty much asking for information... Tim (or is it Danny) isn't too happy about lying to Marie. :res: How annoying. Tim & Danny have a bad feeling about this... They say they're going to U-turn the Afghanimals. WTH???

Nicky & Kim get a flight that arrives in at 12:00 PM.

Tim & Danny get a flight that arrives at 10:00 AM via Madrid.

NFL departs on their 1st flight out of 3... Brutal.

Brandon & Adam are dancing??? They're on the same flight as Tim & Danny getting in at 10:00 AM via Madrid.

ER doctors, Tim & Marie, Nicky & Kim, and Jason & Amy are all on the same flight for now.

Afghanimals and Ally & Ashley arrive at 11:00 AM. Omg this is so messy, LOL.

NFL finds out their flight to Madrid is delayed 4 hours... And now they need another flight to Madrid...

Jason & Amy are running to find someone to talk to by the gate, but the gates aren't open yet... Marie thinks the bunnies are up to something. Nicky & Kim find someone to talk to and now they're the 1st person on the waiting list. WOW. Smart.


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