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X Factor USA (Season 3)

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Demi's Rion Paige: Skyscrapper

Personally I liked the performance and thought it was flawless. However, there's some part of her that seemed so arrogant and she needs to be a little more humble and less aggressive with the way that she reacts to stuff. America can see and tell, and people like to root for people who knows there are not perfect but wants to keep trying, just look at how Dami won X Factor Australia by just completely being humble even though she knows she's good.

I really hope she changes just a little in her attitude, if not it's a little turn off for me to watch her.


Demi's Ellona Santiago: Till The World Ends

Oh my God. So good. It's like she's at her own concert performance already! She felt so comfortable and she's really here to win it as what Simon put it. I think if she continues to perform to her best and have the correct song choices, she may go a long way.

And can I say, it seems like Demi's improved in her judging already! :<3


Demi's Danie Geimer: Wrecking Ball

She was bad. What a bad song choice. You need to be a Dami Im to pull off Wrecking Ball lol. I think she's going to be in trouble.


Demi's Khaya Cohen: Mercy

A mediocre to good performance, but really boring at some point. Most commercial voice, but yet lack the likeability! The judges were completely spot on for the four girls, what did they do since last season... judges training? :funny:

Based on the 4 girls:
1. Ellona
2. Rion
3. Khaya
4. Danie

Sorry Danie.. the competition is WAYYYY too strong in the girl's group.


Demi made a decision:

Show contentOne bad performance, even with a great audition, can't save Danie. :(


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