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X Factor USA (Season 3)

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I think Alex & Sierra should win judging by their popularity. If Jeff fans vote like crazy, he can pull off a win. Carlito? No way. :cmaslol I wasn't a fan of his voice at the beginning, and I'm still not. There's a smoothness that's missing for me. :cmaslol

Not a Carlito fan but he's VERY likable and has the X Factor. He's very memorable and has a really decent voice. With the right songs and image, he might go really far. I don't see that for Rion or Ellona and I think that's why they went home.

Restless Road, should also go for songs that showcase more of their harmonizing because their harmonizing is unbeatable. But vocally, they cannot hold on to it on their own and it's kinda sad.

Wait, just realized Carlito also performed two songs which he had previously done (Stand by me and Maria Maria)...

So that makes Jeff the only one who didn't do so.. but that also warrants why Alex and Sierra are able to do two songs which they have already done before and maybe that wouldn't be much of a problem with the general American public.

Alex and Sierra has LOADS of fans. But we all thought Carly Rose was gonna win last season and somehow Tate Stevens managed to pull in invisible votes from god knows where...

Either way, I hope all three of them get signed by record company!

Just went through this thread to see what my opinion of Alex & Sierra was throughout the season. :cmaslol So happy that they won, and I think that they will be successful outside of the show.

Such great singers with such a beautiful relationship <3 They deserved it so much!


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