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Anyone watching?

The 4ChairChallenge is really a good change to the show!

I like the concept of it! Also used in UK season 10 and caused uproar

Hate hate hate the 4 chair challenge. Super cruel. Obviously someone thought this twist would bring better ratings... :res:

Kelly's category is super strong. I think Demi should have kept Ashly over Rion, but her category's okay. Paulina's boys are meh. Not that memorable... except Josh Levi is super good. I think Simon will do well with Restless Road and Alex & Sierra.

By the way, what was up with the audio for the boys and groups? IT WAS SO BAD.

I think those who went up as the first few in the four chair challenge gets a mega disadvantage. In my opinion, if they wanna do a four chair challenge, at least include the audience (live audience) votes (in other countries it has been done) or at least, all the judges have a say who goes or stay as each of the group's final 4.

I like Demi's group, Paulina's boys are bound to fail. The over 25s <3, and Simon's groups are as boring.

I think Simon has some good groups, Roxxy Montana and Alex & Sierra. What was that Wild Thingz group  :stare
Overs, very strong! Kelly has a great chance!
Boys, I will be surprised if any make the final 5
Girls, Ellona Santiago and Rion Paige have a good chance. Ellona would be my pick from this category.

The chairs, are cruel, but again in makes good tv. X Factor USA will walk over X Factor UK this year, which is AWFUL


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