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--- Quote from: Tarfan37 on October 08, 2013, 05:26:47 PM ---Idk if you counted this one because it was unaired but lenny and karyn went to try and findthe keys to the arms of St. Peter" in Vatican City... but they didnt obtain it

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I am not aware of this. Do you have a source?



--- Quote from: claude_24hrs on October 08, 2013, 10:40:51 PM ---Nancy & Emily tried to beat the Fast Forward in Leg 9 of TAR1 in Thailand, but they lost to Joe & Bill.

Kelly & Jon to get the FF in the second Malaysia leg in TAR4, however they were too late and survived.

Rob & Amber went to a Fast Forward location in South Africa in TAR7, but failed to obtain it.

Brandon & Nicole attempted to do the Fast Forward in India, TAR5 Leg 9, but they decided not to use it.

Fran & Barry went to FF location in Greece, Leg 6 of TAR9. They were too late to do it.

Terence & Sarah tried to beat Nick & Starr in the Fast Forward in Kazakhstan, TAR13 Leg 8, and they were lost.

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--- Quote from: GB ---Note: I've already covered Seasons 1 through 14. No need to worry about those.
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Did they air the Fran & Barry attempt ??? I loved those guys

GB did you get the one in TAR Canada?

This is a part of TAR12, which you've done but I'm going to add this anyway: I read somewhere that Shana & Jennifer were going for an FF in Lithuania when they were nearly run over but that was edited out.


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