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Racing report
Amazing Race Season 23, Episode 11 part 2, "Amazing 'Crazy' Race"
Film date: 2/7

The last pit stop was at the Konno Hachimangu shrine. Teams seem to be released from a park somewhere else in Tokyo. The are released in the following order:

1.Tim & Marie    06:082.Jason & Amy    06:15(+0:07)3.Nicole & Travis06:22(+0:141)
Route info: "Fly to you final destination Juneau, Alaska". Once teams land they must make their way to Douglas Island harbor and take one of the marked boats to Grizzly bar, where they will find their next clue.

At the starting line we also learn that Marie made a contract with Tim stipulating that she will get 60% of all winnings.

Amy feels confident in their taxi to the airport. She feels that she has helped Travis & Nicole heavily in the last two legs. And without her help in this leg they will crumble.

 "No more alliance with Jay & Amy, we had said we would work together until the final leg and in the final leg it's every team for themselves", Nicole

As flights are given for the last leg all teams end up on the same flights:
 DL156  NRT-SEA  15:24-08:12 (scheduled 15:30-08:15)
 AS75   SEA-JNU  11:21-12:39 (scheduled 11:20-12:50)

Note that since this flight crosses the international date-line from
west to east they land "before" they started.

It turns out to be raining in Juneau, and it keeps raining for most of this leg. But teams doesn't care as they all run around desperately trying to get a taxi at the airport. They eventually find taxis and arrive at the harbor in the following order:

 1. Nicole & Travis
 2. Jason & Amy
 3. Tim & Marie, probably less than a minute after #1

After the harbor there is an exhilarating speedboat trip out to the Grizzly bar. The trip looks fast and exciting, but teams do not change positions. At the Grizzly bar teams jump ashore and run to the next clue box.

Road block: "Flour power". In this road block contestants must simulate an air supply drop. They will be flown in a bush plane at 60mph at 150ft above ground. Here they must drop a bag of flour and hit a target on the ground. The target seems to be about 5m in diameter. There is a wind sock next to the target which lets the players judge the wind speed and direction.

This task is actually quite hard, even though there seems to be no wind. It is also uncomfortable for those waiting on the ground since there are lots of winged critters trying to suck their blood. It is kind of funny to see them there waving their arms around while expressing their frustration over their partners inability to hit the target.

 "Oh well, it's just for a million dollars. Sometimes, not being very successful is a hard thing to swallow", Travis is feeling down when the other teams have left

Teams complete this road block in the following order (* denotes team member doing the roadblock)
1(+1)Jason & Amy*      (6-7)On her 2nd attempt2(+1)Tim & Marie*      (6-7)On her 12th attempt3(-2)Nicole* & Travis  (7-6)On her 21st attempt
The next clue is a route info which directs teams into the nearby helicopters for a trip to the Norris glacier where they will take part in an Alaskan ice expedition. When they land they must choose a guide and follow him on a trek on the glacier. Along they way they will have to descend into a crevasse, cross it on a ladder and then use ice picks to climb up the ice wall on the other side. They will also go though a gorgeous looking ice-tunnel.

By the end of the trek they will come to an ice wall where several clues are frozen into the ice. They must hack away until they find a real clue.

 "This is absolutely breath taking", Amy during the helicopter ride
 "[i[Oh, we're going across that thing?[/i]", Amy see the crevasse and look a bit scared

Jason & Amy have a sizable lead at this point. Travis & Nicole lands at the glacier just as Marie is about to climb out of the crevasse, so they are quite a bit behind.

Crossing the crevice is hard work and time consuming. But the only person having any real problems is Nicole who drops one of the ice picks. She therefore has to do her climb out with only one ice pick.
 "I wanted to cry", Nicole experienced a low point here

There are no placement changes during this task since the teams were fairly spread out to begin with. The final clue in the ice has a silhouette of a two-person kayak and reads:

--- Quote ---This is your next mode of transportation.
Find me at the lake's edge and make your way
to the marked island to find your next clue.

--- End quote ---

The kayak is easy to find just around the corner and the destination island is well marked with flags, so there are no navigational issues. The distance they have to paddle is fairly long though, so the task is tiring. It is even more tiring to hear the constant bickering between Tim & Marie.

Teams reach the island in the following order:
 1(+0) Jason & Amy
 2(+0) Tim & Marie
 3(+0) Nicole & Travis

--- Quote ---ROUTE INFO

Helicopter back to
Juneau and make your
way to Blueberry Hills
Trailhead to find your
next clue.

--- End quote ---

 "They've stumbled before so lets hope they are stumbling now", Tim hopes to catch Jason & Amy

There seems to be taxis waiting fairly close to the landing site i Juneau, so teams are quickly on their way.
 "You speak English?", Jason still checks the taxi drivers
 "All my life", And the driver has a great response

Teams reach the clue box by the trailhead in the following order:
 1(+0) Jason & Amy
 2(+0) Tim & Marie
 3(+0) Nicole & Travis

Here teams encounter a memory task. They need to remember the names of the different currencies they encountered through the race. They have to do this in order to correctly assemble a set of 9 giant totem poles which will spell out the currencies. They are given pieces of totem poles with letters, fragments of letters and other paintings on them. So this is in fact just a giant puzzle. The currencies are:

The totem poles are about 5m high each. There are steel rods which serve as the center of each pole so all they have to do is to fit the pieces and slide them upwards. The task is quite physical and time consuming since there are many big pieces which need to be lifted.

 "I took a million and three notes, but I don't have the currency names", Amy

After Jason & Amy have been at it for a while Tim & Marie turns up, and a while later Travis & Nicole. So for a while we have all three teams working the puzzle simultaneously.

The task is time consuming but does not seem to be particularly hard. All teams seem to be able to figure out the currencies and the correct order. There was a fairly large distance between the teams going into this challenge, and this is largely unchanged as they complete it. By the time Jason & Amy are done with their 9 poles Tim & Marie seem to have completed two of theirs.

Travis & Nicole do not work well together at all. In fact it seems as if Travis is doing most of the work.
 "Come on, you've got to help me, I'm doing it for myself for St George", Travis feel alone

In the end teams complete this task in the following order:
 1(+0) Jason & Amy
 2(+0) Tim & Marie
 3(+0) Nicole & Travis

--- Quote ---ROUTE INFO

At last: The Finish Line!

Make your way to the
end of North Douglas
Highway and look for the
marked drive.

Go! Go! Go!

--- End quote ---

No taxis get lost on the way to the finish line, and Jason & Amy avoid having hearth attacks so teams reach the finish line in the following order:
 1(+0) Jason & Amy, win $1,000,000
 2(+0) Tim & Marie
 3(+0) Nicole & Travis

 "4 continents, 9 countries, more than 35,000 miles", Phil
 "We didn't come in second place", Amy is glad they broke their streak


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