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This needs to go up! Like, UP UP UP! :groan: :knuckles:

Maybe changing the day is the way to go ???

What affected the entire CBS Sunday schedule was the 16 million plus viewers who watched the season premiere of The Walking Dead on cable Sunday night. What we won't know for a couple of weeks is the level of time shifted viewing last night into the week or month ahead for the TAR episode last night.


--- Quote from: SteKay on October 15, 2013, 10:26:31 AM ---Maybe changing the day is the way to go ???

--- End quote ---

No. Sunday night is our best niche EVER. It saved us.

Oh wow I didn't know that! I keep seeing people complaining on the TAR page on Facebook (as they always do) about it airing on a Sunday night. TAR BETTER not end EVER


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