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Wow. These ratings aren't amazing.

Do you think TAR should move to a different night so it doesn't get smashed by what you yanks call football.

No.took me awhile to get it too, but Football HELPS.

Mister RC:
I'd say no for now.  Well, I wouldn't mind seeing it on weeknights again, but where would you put it, is the question. Unlike earlier in the show's run, there are other shows that would beat it, mainly the Voice.  DWTS is probably going to win, and then the other half of the week, you have X-Factor and AI.  Since Thursday is no longer good for Survivor, as mentioned elsewhere, you could put TAR there.  That would be its best spot, given the 2-hour nature of the other reality shows that share an audience.  Sadly, the current CBS Thursday line-up is too good to change that.  Not to mention the fact that FOX has used the 9:00 slot for a results show.

I guess we're stuck with having it on Sunday for the remainder of the series.  If TPTB has an expection for the show where it's not a big deal to get crushed in the ratings, then TAR is fine.  Otherwise, it could be the nature of the show over what it's up against.  Hopefully next year in the spring we'll get a better look at the ratings.  No football, but just a pre-emption, the Academy Awards, and hoops & golf overruns to worry about.  But if NBC decides to replace The Apprentice with The Voice, that won't be good either, but TV isn't the NFL, so there's that bit of good news.


--- Quote from: Plaidmoon on November 13, 2013, 06:27:12 AM ---8:30    NBC    Sunday Night Football:  (Cowboys/Saints) -Live (8:30-11PM)      7.8      21.09

--- End quote ---
So having something like this against TAR helps TAR in the ratings or am I missing something.

CBS Football LEAD-INS help us, doubt that will!


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