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Do you like the new Graphics?

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The intro music sounds weird to me at first, but I have gotten used to it. The beginning part of the intro, which it show "THE AMAZING RACE", honestly sounds like the beginning of a news report, combining with the intro music, but I love that they put a closer Earth view behind the title. After that, the intro sounds perfect to me, not too much of reusing the old shots from older seasons (well they use it in a good way that makes the intro look more perfect.), awesome background music that makes whole intro dramatic and cinematic. The another 2 turndowns of the intro are less intense music comparing with the intro from season 14-22, and Jason sneaking out on the scene (it scares me at first! Lol).

The new graphic...hmmm..., I love and hate it. The black background sounds cool and make me easier to read the words. However, it looks cheap at the same time; it sounds like a 3D version of what those home productions will put their lower thirds on. And also it loses the color that indicates what kinda tasks it is: blue (route info) and red (roadblock). I'm really curious about how the Detour will look like.

Overall, the change towards to the good side. I love the show! =]

Haha i think it sounds like a news report in the beggining too hahaha

What comes to my mind the first time I hear the intro is that maybe they were trying to mix it with some traditional instruments from some destinations in the world that they've been going through...

Just like that Survivor intro who mix it with some tribe's music where ever the show was filmed... We can notice them obviously that every seasons the intro was changed (even though the main theme is still there) but they mix it a little with the local instruments..

For the graphics, I think I like them, it's just a bit hard for the leg designers to use it in their fantasy game :P

Mug Costanza:
Liked the new Detour graphic! :tup:

Like the new globe graphics and the new logo in the credits. The rest, not so much. The task title graphics are particularly awful - having made graphics for TV in the past (yay film degree), avoiding huge blocks of dark shades is basically the first rule of making graphics in colour, and putting relatively dark shades of red and blue on top of it doesn't help. The Detour graphic is slightly better, but still pretty terrible.


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