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So I was rewatching the episode with my family and my dad actually caught something I didn't see before.

We were totally fooled by the editing... small pics because I don't wanna mess the forum.

This are Brandon&Adam and Rowan&Shane getting tickets in Iquique's bus terminal.
Now check this:

That in the background is Rowan leaving Iquique with Nicky&Kim who as we know were the last team to leave the detour so they would be the last team to get tickets to Santiago and were in the same bus as Tim&Marie, Ashley&Ally and Tim&Danny

Coquimbo''s bus terminal from a different perspective.

Now we get a new shot of Rowan&Shane getting a different bus to Santiago but they are not in Iquique, even the editing show us that they were actually in a stop in Coquimbo so they actually LEFT the bus with the back of the pack and got a new bus to Santiago from Coquimbo. Which is a Bus Ride of 6:30 hrs.

So yeah they actually got out of the second bus and got in a third bus. So they trying to outsmart the rest of the pack and Rowan finding a different lustrabotas was what got them eliminated.

I found this really interesting I figure I would share it with everyone here.

Wow great eyes Vitoko! Surprised they left this out

Thanks Vic!! Awesome detail!! Do bus schedules show how long a layover they would have had there?

Hard to tell especially if what Rowan said in the interview is true and the agency pulled a different bus from the route to take them to Santiago.

Let's they use the Bus that leaves Iquique at 14:00 and arrives to Santiago around 16:20. 26 HRS
give or take, because of multiple stops on the way, it usually is 27 hrs.

That Bus arrives around 9:50 of the next day to Coquimbo (where they would've left the pack) Almost 20 HRS

The next bus to leave would do it at 10:30 and according to the agency website it would arrive to Santiago at 15:50. Almost 6 HRS

So I'm quite confuse on what actually happened to them.

Rewatching the footage it says that Rowan&Shane arrived to Santiago at 19:03 and to do that they should've take the bus that leaves Coquimbo at 13:00.

Also it says that the 2nd bus arrived at 18:44 to Santiago from Iquique, and to do that they should've take the bus that leaves Iquique at 17:30.


I'm guessing there is something hidden there. Something happened between the departure of Iquique and the arrival to Coquimbo and Santiago.


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