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TAR 23 EP 2 "Zip It Bingo" Santiago, Chile

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Leg 2 (Iquique, Chile → Santiago, Chile )
Special thanks to Vitoko for his summary of filming in Chile below!

Filmed11-12 June
Broadcast6 October

ROUTE INFO       Museo Replica Corbeta Esmeralda

ROUTE INFO       Taxi to road sign "Kilometro 21", then bike to Irlanda 3 Salt Mine

MININGBreak salt rocks

BRININGJump into salt water pool and try to read a newspaper

ROUTE INFO       Travel via bus to Santiago, Chile

ROUTE INFO       Plaza de Armas

ROADBLOCK       Find a marked Lustrabotas stand and polish shoes

ROUTE INFO       Cascada De Las Animas

ROUTE INFO     Zipline over Maipo River to the Pitstop

PIT STOPCascada De Las Animas





So after the first exciting day of TAR on Iquique and me following them around and waiting for the last team to arrive at the first pitstop of this race, this is what I could gather from some personal contacts and what this forum could find on twitter. Locations are confirmed but the order of the events in Santiago are not confirmed.

Leg 2, Iquique - Santiago, Chile

June 10
Pitstart: "Plaza Prat's Clock Tower"
Jut before midnight start for the second Leg under the Clock Tower from Iquique's Main Square Plaza Prat.

June 11
Route Info: "Museo Replica Corbeta Esmeralda"
Make your way on foot to the museum, it opens at 8:00 and it takes 10 minutes on foot to get there from the main square, so teams are probably gonna get all together. No Task here only clue inside.

Route Info: "Irland 3 Salt Mine"
Teams took taxis from the museum to "Kilometro 21" (they might call it differently) from where they grabbed a bike and ride it to the abbandoned Irland 3 Salt mine, they were followed by a 4x4 pickup truck with camera and sound crew.

Detour: "Ireland 3 Salt Mine"
Both choices inside the open salt mine.
Option 1: Change in your swiming suit, jump in to a pool of salt water, get out and stack some salt sacks (confimated by preview)
Option 2: Break an amount of Salt Rocks and (maybe) fill some sacks.

Route Info: Santiago, Chile.
Drive your bike back to "Kilometro 21" (They might call it differently) and from there teams would take back the taxi they left waiting for them to take them back to to Iquique to take a bus to Santiago's Estacion Central.

June 12
Route Info: Estacion Central.
Take the metro train from "Estacion Central" to "Plaza de Armas" this are two stations that teams are gonna need to change lines, so if they don't understand the metro system they are gonna get lost underground. From twitter user.

Route Info: Plaza de Armas.
Teams and clue box spotted here.

Roadblock: Paseo Ahumada or Plaza de Armas
Shoe polish and stored your tools in an specific way and take them to an unknown location. From twitter user.

Route Info: Cascada de las Animas, Cajon del Maipo, Santiago, Chile.
Twitter and taxi drivers talk about driving the teams to the Waterfalls. Canopy is an activity that can be done here and the preview shows the teams doing it over what probably is "Rio Maipo"

Pitstop: Unknown. Probably on Cajon del Maipo, Santiago, Chile.
Possible bridge over "Rio Maipo" is seen on the "on our way" preview for this season.

And that is the end of my contribution to this forum at least from this season. Peach and co. feel free to edit and apply your layout to this. No links this time but feel free to add them to this.

Awesome Vitoko!! You have been a fabulous help, thank you!!

No posts until after Ep 1 airs please...


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