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No streams working for me. Hopefully you guys can tell me everything. :p

Okay, here we go! :hoot:

Ooh, we're on a Western movie ranch, which will be the starting line. 11 new teams will be starting the race... Coming in on horses. :lol:

11 teams are:

Chester & Ephraim: Former NFL teammates.
Ronan & Shane: Theatre performers. They want to win and have fun.
Tim & Marie: Exes... Why. :lol: They dated about 5 years ago and they don't get along... but they still hang out? ??? "Your violence kind of turns me on." lol.
Leo & Jamal: Cousins. Known as "Afghanimals" :lol:
Ally & Ashley: NHL ice crew teammates. They like sparkly things. They're not looking for love, but if it happens... and then Ally realizes she has a boyfriend. :funny:
Nicole & Travis: Married ER physicians.
Hoskote & Naina: Father & daughter. Father wants daughter in an arranged marriage...
Tim & Dan: Oil field workers.
Brandon & Adam: Childhood friends.
Nicky & Kim: MLB wives. Kim graduated high school at 16 and then finished her undergrad in 3 years? Wow.
Jason & Amy: Dating.


first task is to make a phone call from inside the new Ford..?!?

Phil doing starting line. Travelling to coastline of South America... Winner of first leg wins double EP, one which is given to another team before the 5th leg. First clue is a phone call away... When Phil says go, proceed to the car and make a call to the other side of the world to receive instructions.

Good luck... Travel safe... GO.

Teams are dialing a number in their car... Proceed to Iquique Chile. Proceed to LAX. Only limited number of seats on the first flight. When you land, look for Javier.

Teams are excited that they're on the race.


Afhganimals are soo funny..! loving them already  :hearts: :hearts:


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