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I wasn't sure about this show. I liked Ed O'Neil and wanted to see him succeed in another comedy. I talked my girlfriend into watching the pilot episode and we laughed uproariously. The casting was so good. Ed O'Neil's delivery is absolutely pitch perfect. Ty Burrell is annoying but, in the perfect over-compensating way that you would expect from a dad who feels his Life has aged while he has remained a teenager. Julie Bowen manages to under play her role as Ty's annoyed and insecure wife. Sofia Vergara is absolutely gorgeous as O'Neil's younger, Latina wife. Jesse Tyler Ferguson and Eric Stonestreet are hysterical together. The show ties together so well each and every episode.

Well, the Australia episode sucked. :/

So disappointed. The only decent thing I can say about the episode was Phil getting punched by a kangaroo and that the episode does well as an Australian Tourism Ad :P

Anybody saw season 6? :lol:

I did. It was hilarious!

Lily's actress is seriously turning into her own, such a cutie!

I'm excited to see where the Dunphy family will go in life this season.


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