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Final Memory Tasks


We've had some great final memory tasks in the history of the race, The amazing roadblock in Anchorage in Season 12, The flags roadblock in Season 9, Hello/Goodbye in Season 21, The greeters in Season 17 and the surfboards in Season 14. What would you like to see?

As a ultimate test of memory, I'd like to see a final roadblock where one team member had to remember the order of various clues throughout each leg of the race. You'd have a route info to start each leg and pitstop at the end but in between you would have to remember the various clues that were in the leg in order. I think that could be very cool to see.

And it would be cool and great to see in the next All Stars Finale leg

I play an Amazing Race in my head at times, and one final exam puzzle I would like to see is a Pit Stop final puzzle, where teams have to place the correct Pit Stops to the corresponding legs. The legs would not be in order to add more of a puzzle aspect to it.


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