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McCrae and Amanda to do the Amazing Race?!??!

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Somebody just shoot me now.... :groan:

‘Big Brother 15’ Amanda and McCrae to go on 'The Amazing Race?'
September 22, 2013
It’s no secret “Big Brother 15’s” Amanda Zuckerman desperately wants to participate in another CBS show, “The Amazing Race,” with her "Big Brother" showmance partner, pizza boy McCrae Olson. Although no official announcement has been made and nothing has been confirmed, a Sept. 23, 2013 Celebrity Dirty Laundry report indicates the couple will be on the popular show.

While in the “Big Brother 15” house and in a recent interview with Big Brother Gossip, Amanda has mentioned her desire to race around the world with McCrae on the reality series. There is even an online petition entitled “Get McCranda (McCrae & Amanda) on The Amazing Race” that targets the show’s casting directors.

According to Celebrity Gossip, CBS loved the ratings spike it received due to the drama Amanda caused in the “Big Brother 15” house, which is why they have decided to put the couple on the "The Amazing Race.”

Despite footage of racist and homophobic comments Amanda made while on “Big Brother,” and the bullying and taunting behavior of fellow house mate Elissa Slater during the game, "McCranda" has a number of supporters who want to see the couple on television again. In fact, their followers have espoused the name McCranda Mafia.

However, it is clear that the Florida Realtor is not loved by all, as some of the posts she’s made on her Twitter page clearly indicate she's blocking anyone who finds her contemptuous.

On Sept. 23 at around 12:30 p.m. ET, she tweeted, “Blocking haters…” and less than an hour later she wrote, “Chill out haters..! Don’t like me? Don’t follow… Or you will be BLOCKED!”

So, although upon reading her Twitter page it appears as though Amanda’s getting nothing but praise and support, this is likely because she is blocking those who have negative comments for her.

Nevertheless, if CBS believes “Big Brother 15” McCranda will be a popular and lucrative addition to “The Amazing Race,” they will probably be on the show next season, following in the footsteps of two other “Big Brother” couples that have already been on the show – Jeff Schroeder and Jordan Lloyd, who are still together, and Brendon Villegas and Rachel Reilly, who are now married.

Well. seeing the positive side... If this is true..., at least we'll have one less team to identify :lol: .


--- Quote from: Alenaveda on September 25, 2013, 09:21:22 PM ---Well. seeing the positive side... If this is true..., at least we'll have one less team to identify :lol: .

--- End quote ---

LOL...Alenaveda!  That's true, makes it a letter easier for you, TAR Detectives.  :) 

On the other hand if it's true, I think they may make Brachel, look tame.

UGH!! You have to be awake McCrae, and you have to think and run and do things like tasks...  :gaah:


I hated them on BB, there are SO MUCH MORE potential if they really wanted a BB team. They want controversy, they can get Aaryn and someone else. They want ratings, they can get Elissa and Rachel for All Stars. But McCranda is just  :crazy:


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