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S27 Ep 3 "Opening Pandora's Box"

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Glamazon Racer:
Jeff not holding anything back <3

At least he's not picking on people who try like Katiegoddess on Philippines this time. :P

I guess that came as really impromptu, calling him out on "fake quitting" because we all know Jeff hates quitters. He love this game with a passion and it enraged him to have people like Colton to not quit once but TWICE. And I also like that he called Colton a couch potato who should have never got out of the couch and just watch the show at home instead. Cirie puts Colton to shame ANY DAY.

I still would say that Colton is good drama and TV, and I'm sure production picked him because of solely this reason too. And I'm still sorry for Colton and the way he has turned out to be. But seriously Colton, get a grip of yourself and see that the world is bigger than you and you will never be happy considering the way you see life, because you can never control the world. :res:


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