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S27 Ep 3 "Opening Pandora's Box"

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--- Quote from: Jobby on September 28, 2013, 06:48:50 AM ---Bye Colton (quit) :res:, ...and the loved ones tribe lose again. :funny: They blindside one of the guys in the male alliance, most probably... John, because they all think he's a threat and has an idol.


--- End quote ---

-_- watching this episode seems to be a waste of time huh?

But anyone has more thoughts about Colton quitting the game? Or rather, that he faked the first time, and yet the producers asked him back again?? And since they asked him back, they should have totally expected this was coming... so what gave Jeff the rights to insult him about his game play or even, reveal this whole secret about him "fake quitting". So why did SURVIVOR hold back this info all this while?? Something is just not right here and I need someone to help me process these thoughts. :(

I feel some sympathy for Colton. He does not deserve the personal attacks. I highly doubt he quit the first came because he was in control of a lacklustre tribe where in the end his only competition would've been Kim. If he had Alecia on his side, he could've went a LOT further.

I liked Colton, but he tried to play to seriously this time. He would've thrived on Tadhana which I hope beheads the the snake of Brad.

Is it possible to fake appendicitis?? Yes...IF you are somewhere where you cannot get an ultrasound and blood work.

Could he have had it...and not needed surgery? Well...maybe. A mild "case" could be treated with antibiotics, and resolve. Or a faked case, lol.

Jeff says he faked it. Coulton denies it in his Interviews. Take it FWIW....

Bottom line, he is a quitter. WASTE of a player in a very "hot" season. As Jeff says, BAD call on productions part.
Bet the next in line alternates want to :barf

I'm sure they are Peach. No more Colton-esque people. At least Janu's exit was gracious.



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