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According to rumors from different sources during the last months, TELEFE Channel is prepairing the 9th season of Big Brother ("Gran Hermano" as is known locally).

Although it is not confirmed yet if this is going to be an edition with new house guests or former members returning; it would be aired during the next summer (December 2013-March 2014), what would mean the return to the original format from early seasons.

This is still based on rumors, but they're growing strong in the last weeks:

Apparentjy Big Brother 2014 has a green light. This edition would be an "All Stars" and would include former winners Marianela Mirra (Season 4) and Cristian "U" Urrrizaga (Season 6), among other participants from different seasons.

The reality, that would have Jorge Rial as a host again, wouldn't be aired on Telefe Channel as in previous seasons, but by América network - the same one where Rial has his own show -; and still not have an estimated date of broadcasting.


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