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Twitter Handles

Aaryn: https://twitter.com/aaryneliza

Andy  https://twitter.com/AndyHerren

Judd https://twitter.com/BBJuddDaugherty Old New ► https://twitter.com/JUDDNATION

Candice https://twitter.com/candiestewart

Howard https://twitter.com/RealHOverbyBB15

David  https://twitter.com/davidgirton2

Jeremy https://twitter.com/JeremyDMcG1

Kaitlin https://twitter.com/twitRless_kb

Nick https://twitter.com/nickuhas

Elissa https://twitter.com/ElissaReillyS

McCrae https://twitter.com/mccraechum

GinaMarie https://twitter.com/Gina_Zimmerman FAKE!

GinaMarie:  https://twitter.com/ginamariez (this is what she said during the season on shyout outs  was her twitter ) REAL

Jessie: https://twitter.com/JessieClaire88

Amanda  https://twitter.com/RealtorAmandaZ

Spencer: https://twitter.com/SpencerBClawson

Helen: https://twitter.com/HelenKimFitz76

I don't have twitter but I think Judd is Judd Daugherty@JUDDNATION. I checked out some of the others twits and I found it there, and when I clicked on it, its looks like its the real Judd


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