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The Amazing Race - It's Not Rocket Science!

Tensions run high as Nicole struggles to complete the roadblock

The Amazing Race - A Team of Six

Jason & Amy, Nicole & Travis, and Tim & Marie share a moment together on the mat after making the final three.

The Amazing Race - Too Much Help

Jason thinks Amy offered a little too much help to Nicole at the Roadblock.

The Amazing Race - Headed to the Finish Line

Jason & Amy win the Amazing Race!

The Amazing Race - The East Coast Afghanimals

Cousins Leo & Jamal explain why they have grown to like exes Tim & Marie.

That's all folks for season 23! See y'all for All-Stars in February 2014!

Thank you so much for these, Will!


--- Quote from: krabbe on December 09, 2013, 10:13:50 AM ---Thank you so much for these, Will!

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You're welcome!

Thanks for the season's worth of links, RealityFreakWill.


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