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The Amazing Race - Learning From Their Mistakes

Cousins Leo & Jamal learn a tough lesson once again about always reading their clue.

The Amazing Race - Something in Common

Exes Tim & Marie explain what they have in common with cousins Leo & Jamal.

The Amazing Race - What's On My Nose?

Tim and Marie struggle to apply their make-up at the detour challenge.

The Amazing Race - I Don't Do Yolks

Marie realizes her eggs are hard boiled and surprises Tim.

The Amazing Race - Could Have Been First

The Afghanimals decide to take their chances with the other detour after learning they'd have to shave.

The Amazing Race - Marie's Snake Snack

Marie recounts to Phil her terrible morning of eating snake and boiling eggs.

The Amazing Race - Second No More

Dating couple Jason & Amy are thrilled to finally win a leg after 5 second place finishes.

That's all folks for this week. One more week and I'm home free until
All-Stars in February!

The Amazing Race - Don't Give Up

Travis & Nicole get emotional as they finish the race in third place.

The Amazing Race - Neck and Neck

Jason & Amy and Tim & Marie are neck and neck building their totem poles at a crucial roadblock.

The Amazing Race - American Love Story

Tim & Marie arrive at a Human Bowling competition.

The Amazing Race - Catch the Rhino

The Afghanimals become apprentice zookeepers and help wrangle an escaped "rhino" from the local zoo.

The Amazing Race - Unsticking Together

Exes Tim & Marie aren't surprised their plan with Jason & Amy and Nicole & Travis fell apart.

The Amazing Race - Okay Travis, Whatever

Nicole gets an earful from Travis after the robot building Roadblock until she's had enough.

The Amazing Race - The Boys Who Cried Wolf

Jason & Amy, Nicole & Travis, and Tim & Marie discuss the strategy of lying by Leo & Jamal.

The Amazing Race - Ready For 40%

Exes Tim & Marie discuss the infamous 60/40 agreement Marie made Tim sign.

The Amazing Race - What They Learned

Winners Jason & Amy learned plenty about their relationship and each other.

The Amazing Race - Amy Lends a Helping Hand

Amy helps Nicole finish building her robot while Jay gets increasingly anxious about leaving.

The Amazing Race - Nicole's Close Call

Nicole drops an ice pick while climbing up the glacier.

The Amazing Race - Falling Short

Cousins Leo & Jamal tell Phil who they would like to see win after being eliminated in Tokyo.

The Amazing Race - Financial Agreement

Tim and Marie come in 2nd place and explain their financial agreement to all the former racers.

The Amazing Race - The Winner's Circle

Dating couple Jason & Amy tell Phil what inspired them after winning The Amazing Race.

The Amazing Race - Tim Does the Math

Tim uses math to explain why Marie's 60/40 deal doesn't bother him.

The Amazing Race - Power Parents Get Emotional

After a tough two legs, married ER doctors Nicole & Travis have a heartfelt moment on the finish line.

The Amazing Race - Three Taxis!

Everyone tries to ditch Tim and Marie at the airport.

The Amazing Race - Amazing "Crazy" Race

The Afghanimals are eliminated from the race.

The Amazing Race - Feelin' Sexy

Teams strip down to their bathing suits for a bizarre Detour challenge.

The Amazing Race - Priceless Experience

Tim wouldn't trade the experience he had for a million dollars.

he Amazing Race - One For The Road

Here's one last fight between exes Tim & Marie as they dredge up an old issue from Iquique ten legs ago.

The Amazing Race - Gonna be Number One!

The Afghanimals make the other teams nervous when they separate and catch an earlier flight to Tokyo.

The Amazing Race - Nicole's Strategy

Nicole tries to explain her strategy at the flour bag toss Roadblock to Travis.

The Amazing Race - Glacier Greatness

Amy talks about her one in a lifetime experience on top of a glacier in Alaska.


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