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The last one doesn't work.

They are looking good for me Will!! :tu

The Amazing Race - The Usual

Exes Tim & Marie believe this first leg exemplifies their typical (and slightly crazy) dynamic.

The Amazing Race - Beards Meet Boston

Adam & Brandon and Jason & Amy become acquainted on the shuttle ride to LAX.

The Amazing Race - Chester-Vision

Ephraim explains the difficulty he has at times communicating with his partner, Chester.

The Amazing Race - An Adventure Ends

Naina looks back on what she takes away from running the Race with her best friend, her dad Hoskote.

The Amazing Race - An Emotional End

Baseball wife Kim cries tears of joy and relief as she stands on the mat with Nicki and former NFL players Chester and Ephraim.

The Amazing Race - A New Kiss Count

Just like Brook & Claire before him, Leo starts his own kiss count as the amped up Afghanimals explain their name to Phil.

The Amazing Race - Looking Good, Feeling Good

NHL Ice Crew members Ally & Ashley gush to Phil about their first experience traveling outside of the United States.

The Amazing Race - Harder Than It Looks

Childhood friends Adam & Brandon had some problems in the first leg, but plan to bounce back in a big way.

The Amazing Race - Finishing Strong, Boston Strong

After getting off to a bad start, dating couple Jason & Amy beat the other teams on the second flight for a solid finish to the leg.

The Amazing Race - A Slim Advantage

After winning the leg, exes Tim and Marie discuss the stiff competition and what teams are candidates for the second Express Pass.


--- Quote from: RealityFreakWill on September 22, 2013, 08:01:53 AM ---The Amazing Race - Forgotten Fanny Pack

Before not reading their clue cost them 2 Express Passes, Nicole & Travis break another cardinal Race rule at the start.

--- End quote ---

Travis&Nicole  (:;)  I hope you pay more attention in the future  (:;)


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