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The Amazing Race - Newbies To The World

Tim and Danny are eliminated from the race.

The Amazing Race - Imagine You are Justin Timberlake

Tim gets tips from his singing coach.

The Amazing Race - Even Playing Field

Jason and Amy catch up to the other teams after a failed Fast Forward attempt.

The Amazing Race - Brought It Down a Notch

Travis sings his way to the next clue.

The Amazing Race - Providence Amy

Jason and Amy realize their cab has been stolen.

The Amazing Race - Tim's First Attempt

Tim struggles to hit the right notes during the roadblock challenge.

The Amazing Race - Not the Perfect Match

Teams try to find their perfect match in a sea of masquerade dancers.

The Amazing Race - Just Be Honest, For Once

The Afghanimals lie about U-Turning Adam and Brandon.

The Amazing Race - Bank On The Weather

Windy weather conditions prevent Jason and Amy from completing the Fast Forward.

The Amazing Race - Taxi Thieves Strike Again

Tim and Marie steal Jason and Amy's taxi.

The Amazing Race - Confrontation On The Mat

Two teams end the leg in a confrontation.

The Amazing Race - Choir Boy at Heart

Racers learn a German song to sing with the Vienna Boy's Choir.

The Amazing Race - The Eighth Seed

NHL ice crew members Ally & Ashley feel like the LA Kings, an underdog eighth seed that won the Stanley Cup.

The Amazing Race - The Field Trip Mom

Cousins Leo & Jamal share with Phil their thoughts on Amy.

The Amazing Race - The Fight Continues

Dating couple Jason & Amy still try to figure out who took their bags out of the taxi if it wasn't Tim & Marie.

The Amazing Race - Better Than Ever

Baseball wives Nicky & Kim feel like they're hitting their stride after their highest finish yet in second place.

The Amazing Race - Power Parents on Top

With an Express Pass still in their pockets, married ER doctors Nicole & Travis celebrate a victory on the mat.

The Amazing Race - High Expectations

Best friends Tim & Danny are bummed to be leaving the Race early, but still proud of what they accomplished.

The Amazing Race - Out of the Loop

Marie comments on the incorrect statements about the Express Pass made by cousins Leo & Jamal.

The Amazing Race - Views of Vienna

NHL ice crew members Ally & Ashley take in the beautiful sights of Vienna from their taxi.

The Amazing Race - Making Oklahoma Proud

Best friends Tim & Danny never gave up and are proud of how they ran the Race.

The Amazing Race - Back Together

Cousins Leo & Jamal chat with their friends and allies NHL ice crew members Ally & Ashley at the Gdansk train station.

The Amazing Race - Three's a Crowd

Married ER doctors Nicole & Travis feel exes Tim & Marie added unwanted anxiety to their alliance with dating couple Jason & Amy.

The Amazing Race - A Tough Decision

See more of dating couple Jason & Amy's deliberation over leaving the Fast Forward.

The Amazing Race - A Little Too Much

Exes Tim & Marie are exhausted trying to keep up with Amy's non-stop researching.

The Amazing Race - Providence Amy

On the mat with exes Tim & Marie, Amy's other personality came out as things got heated.

The Amazing Race - Getting the Gossip

Jason & Amy and Nicky & Kim gossip about Express Passes, U-Turns, and the Afghanimals lying to everyone.

The Amazing Race - Make a Wish

Baseball wives Nicky & Kim make a "bunny wish" at a Viennese fountain.

The Amazing Race - Sad About Singing

Unable to sing "Austria words" last place Tim hopes there's a chance to beat Ally & Ashley.

The Amazing Race - Demands Don't Work

Marie wanted help navigating the labyrinth from Leo & Jamal. Afghanimal's response: Not a chance.

That's all folks for this week. Enjoy!


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