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The Amazing Race - A Normal Conversation

Listening to Marie criticize him, Tim explains he knows the difference between her angry and annoying tone.

The Amazing Race - Adam Holds On

Not knowing where other teams are, Adam ignores his tiny bladder in a race to the Pit Stop.

The Amazing Race - Marie's Complicated Plan

Marie tries to explain to Tim her Express Pass plan for baseball wives Nicky & Kim.

The Amazing Race - A Younger Us

Married ER doctors Nicole & Travis enjoy working with dating couple Jason & Amy and share their thoughts on Marie.

The Amazing Race - Our Luck

Jason and Amy's taxicab rear-ends another car.

The Amazing Race - You're Dead to Me

Nicky and Kim infuriate Marie after forcing their way on the standby list.

The Amazing Race - Nautical Miles

The Afghanimals and Ice Crew Girls struggle at the detour.

Amazing Race - Travel Agent Mistake

A travel agent's mistake costs Chester and Ephraim crucial time on the race.

The Amazing Race - Forgot the Dang Zero

Tim and Danny struggle with their math at the detour.

The Amazing Race - Better Late Than Never

On their way to the Pit Stop, the Afghanimals finally realize what they did wrong at the Miles Detour.

The Amazing Race - Fearing the Fallout

Baseball wives Nicky & Kim hope Marie will understand what they did at the airport, but fear she may not.

The Amazing Race - If You're Not First, You're Last

Chester and Ephraim are eliminated before leaving the airport.

That's all folks. Enjoy!

The Amazing Race - Flat Tire

Leo and Jamal realize their wheel barrel has a flat tire.

The Amazing Race - Arctic Plunge

Brandon plunges into the Arctic Ocean.

The Amazing Race - I Want The Express Pass

The ER docs demand the Express Pass from Tim and Marie in exchange for help with direction.

The Amazing Race - Beards In The Wind

Brandon and Adam let their beards flow in the wind and take in the sights.

The Amazing Race - Human Drying Rack

Racers collect fish heads from amazing heights.

The Amazing Race - Almost Speared Me

Racers struggle with stringing fish heads together at the Detour challenge.

The Amazing Race - Stuck Over The Arctic

Jason struggles to release his harness over the Arctic Ocean.

The Amazing Race - Hang Your Heads

Tim and Marie struggle to complete the Detour task.

The Amazing Race - I'm Not Scared Of Her

Marie and Tim finally figure out what they are doing wrong.

The Amazing Race - The Cod Queen

Kim gets her cod fish tangled in her hair.

The Amazing Race - Oklahoma to the Rescue

The Ice Hockey Girls get a helping hand from the Oklahoma boys.

The Amazing Race - Iceberg Ahead

Teams board a boat to Norway and Marie talks about who to give the Express Pass to.

The Amazing Race - Wanting Warmth

Danny admits that the Arctic Circle is the last place he wanted to go.

The Amazing Race - LA Girls in the Arctic

NHL Ice Crew members Ally & Ashley enjoy the view on the ferry, but Ashley hopes she won't get sick.

The Amazing Race - Young in Spirit

Married ER doctors Nicole & Travis are the oldest team left, but age is just a number.

The Amazing Race - Building Their Resume

After four legs, childhood friends Brandon & Adam have plenty of career options when they go home.

The Amazing Race - Worse Than Child Birth

Kim puts in context how much she hates the Detour in Norway.

The Amazing Race - In the Running

Oklahoman best friends Tim & Danny feel hopeful that "hurricane Marie" will give them the Express Pass.


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