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The Amazing Race - Calculate the Local Currency

Leo and Jamal argue about miscalculating the local currency.

The Amazing Race - Secret Alliance

Tim and Marie and the Baseball Wives form a secret alliance.

The Amazing Race - Knack to Pack

Nicole struggles with transporting her shoe shine kit.

The Amazing Race - Really, Stinking Heavy

Racers strip down and carry heavy bags of salt during a Detour challenge.

The Amazing Race - Big Bingo Mistake

Rowan and Shane fall behind after serious miscommunication.

The Amazing Race - Tub of Lemonade

Marie and Tim argue about their salt bath.

The Amazing Race - Zip It, Bingo

Rowan and Shane catch up to Tim and Marie in the Roadblock challenge.

The Amazing Race - Settle Your Bill

Leo and Jamal miss out on being the first team to the mat.

That's all folks. Enjoy!!

The Amazing Race - Rekindling the Fire

Chester & Ephraim are grateful for the chance they had to relive their competitive days together as NFL teammates.

The Amazing Race - Redemption

Married ER doctors Nicole & Travis celebrate with Phil after winning the leg.

The Amazing Race - Out of Their Element

Oklahomans Tim & Danny love being able to see the world, but they also miss their families.

The Amazing Race - Beard Braid

With some time to kill, Ephraim braids Brandon's beard. Seriously.

The Amazing Race - Taxi Race for Tickets

Oklahoma friends Tim & Danny engage in a taxi race with NHL ice crew members Ally & Ashley to the travel agency.

The Amazing Race - Missed Connection

Chester and Ephraim miss their connection to Lisbon, Portugal.

Amazing Race - King Arthur Style

Jason hits the target with his crossbow on the first try.

The Amazing Race - We're in Trouble

Tim and Marie struggle with the tile puzzle pieces at the detour.

The Amazing Race - Roll the Dice

Chester and Ephraim make a risky call to take a three-connection flight.

The Amazing Race - The Most Hated Team

Cousins Leo & Jamal offer their theories on why other teams don't like them very much.

The Amazing Race - A Total Mess

Tim tries to keep it together on the mat while Marie explains why he frustrates her so much.

The Amazing Race - A Bunny Love Fest

Baseball wives Nicky & Kim are all smiles after a strong third place finish.

The Amazing Race - A Costly Mistake

Dating couple Jason & Amy settle for second place after Jason's mistake in the taxi ride to the Pit Stop.

The Amazing Race - Still Going Strong

Childhood friends Brandon & Adam are all amped up standing on the mat with Phil.

The Amazing Race - A Perfect Fit

As an avid historian and boater, Jason loved charting the Miles Detour. And he makes an accurate prediction about some other teams.

The Amazing Race - A Class Act

Childhood friends Brandon & Adam compliment Ephraim on how he handled the ticket mix-up at the travel agency.

The Amazing Race - The Experience

Former NFL teammates Chester & Ephraim would grab their backpacks and do this all again in a heartbeat.

The Amazing Race - Dive Right In

Cousins Leo & Jamal and NHL Ice Crew members Ally & Ashley discuss who would perform any swimming tasks in Lisbon.


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